Friday, April 27, 2012

glitter French tips nail tutorial

sry for not posting that much recently
yes fin my exam but haven fin my assignment wtf - -
okie 2day post is about  glitter French tips nail tutorial
if you know how to do french tips you will totally know how to do it

what you need :
- top & base coat
- glitter nail polish

- apply base coat
- apply glitter nail polish on the top of the nail like the pic below 
if not mistaken i apply 2 to 3 layer depend on how glitter you wan :3
p/s you can apply other colour 1st only apply glitter nail polish it will give you different feel

 - wait for 10 to 20 min *depend on how many layer you apply too *
more layer more longer to wait
-after that apply base coat on it 


is time for me to do some handmade craft after i fin my assignment 
ganbarimasu :3 
this is all about 2day :) 
hope you enjoy it