Sunday, April 22, 2012

short update - ice cream

yeah just a short update :(
sry reader kinda bz this week - -
god know how bz am i 
have to rush assignment and im having final now
yes am having final NOW 
god know how i gona die out my assignment 
one word describe my life now STRESS
what i usually did when i having stress
yes eating something sweet like dessert 
if you know me well you will know that 
i like sweet stuff so much 
so here are some stupid pic about me and wall ice cream 
forgot what name is that 
but i know is super expansive 
it cost me RM10 for one 
not that like the ice cream but the choco inside the ice cream is the best :3

that is all from me i will read all your blog when i free 
promised :)


  1. yeah, finally can read ppl blog, miss your blog ^^

    only Rm10 so cheap, and good luck in your everything ^^

    1. hahaha thanks for missing my blog :3

  2. The ice-cream will take some of your stress away and enjoy every bit of it. I am done with all the marking but next week begins another round of marking for 4 subjects. Best of luck to me.

    1. yes that true good luck to you too <3

  3. looks yummy~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..