Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nina Ricci

telling the true i didnt heard about Nina Ricci before until i search a brand to do my assignment 
*dont ask me y am study interior have to do a signboard i also no idea about it*
okie most of the Nina Ricci product are for girl.
They selling perfume, bag, clothes.....
mostly the product wanna bring out feminine and relaxing feel
and i trust that they successful to do that,
okie those are some pic of the perfume   

i like how they do their packaging it really make you have the desire to buy it 
and i really wanna give their L'AIR and Nina a try if i found it in Malaysia.
okie that all for today 
hope you like it


  1. Nice perfume and those who have a liking for perfumes will simply love it. I am not a perfume person but sure will go for the cosmetics and other products of Nina Ricci.

    1. Nina Ricci didnt sell any of cosmetics if not mistaken :)

  2. Lol...You should've post your signage design in this post. It is nice :)

    1. haha forgot 2 take pic so hehe you know la :)