Saturday, May 26, 2012

barbie lens shining review

left with lens right without lens :3 

 Bought at?
Pink is the beauty
click here for more about this shop

1 pair RM28
2 pairs RM50

What i like?
-The effect of it kinda good
-Kinda comfortable

what i dislike?
-It kinda easy to dry >.< 

over all rate?
6/10 i super dont like contact lens super easy dry, compare to the lens that i wear before 
it better than that. :3  so picture time 

yes i'm having super headache from yesterday till now
no idea y and i feel like boom my head to the wall
if anything i miss here pls inform me >.<
going to eat medi and rest now
and reader pls take k ya dont fall a sick like me :3


  1. great review,i love the looks green color when you're wearing it..≧◠◡◠≦

  2. I used to be so crazy over colored lens during my younger days and had so many colors. I have given up now and prefer my natural look.

    I didn't know that Barbie had their range of colored lens and its a discovery for me. You sure look good with the lens, maybe don't wear it for too long because of the drying effects.

    1. ya maybe i wear too long and didnt wear for too long

  3. wow they suit you so much! ^^ whats your favourite brand of lens? you look pretty with & without makeup; I envy you ♥

    1. haha where got pretty without make up >.< hehe i envy u too so cute :3 hmmm actually i stop wearing lens kinda long time ago, but i feel like trying geo lens :3

  4. I've always wanted to try some lens but I'm too scared of eye demage :(

    1. if you scare u can try fresh con i think this brand will better :3

  5. i think some brands are good only, even those famous ones may be dry for eyes. check properly before buying :)

    Latest: 100 Years Old Creation

  6. Thanks for the mention about my shop ;)

    You look great with the lens!