Tuesday, May 29, 2012

outfit & make up

i kinda like this style actually
love it <3
this is all about today hope you like it :3
will try to update more often k 


  1. I am in love with the rose pendant and I think its the ring too. I want to buy the same and in your next reply, do let me know where to get them.

    You are looking like a doll and love the do up of your eyes.

    1. thanks nava :3 actually i didnt own both of it :), i made it for selling purpose. Due to some problem that i facing now, so it keep on delaying of posting the homemade stuff that i wan to sell so if you intresting on it you can email me for more detail :3

  2. you shouldn't squat like that in front of the mirror, makes you look shorter >.<

  3. Love your eye makeup and accessories! :)

  4. cute outfit:)shorts are gorgeous:X I like<3
    makeup is nice, something like me and my makeup every day, except for false eyelashes:D