Tuesday, May 22, 2012

nail tutorial - sweet

i found out that it have been long time i didnt post about nail tutorial
so here is it 

 Ingredient :* from the left to right 
-Taisu 028 gold 
- Beauty credit blue
- Beauty credit yellow
- OPI plank a lot 
- OPI panda monium pink
- OPI base coat
- OPI top coat 
- the decoration 

1. apply Beauty credit yellow to the lower part
2. Same with 2 & 3 too
* you can choose the colour you want from top to bottom *

4.Apply Taisu 028 gold in the between like picture show 

5. I choose a few of my nail apply with OPI plank a lot and put some decoration on it.
6. You can put any deco you wan :3 just depend on what you like.

hope you love this tutorial and have a nice day :3


  1. As usual, I love your creativity. The colors plus the gold simmer are so attractive.

  2. Love this it is creative and colorful.

  3. Great post! ur nail looks so cute :D
    thanks for dropping by a comment on my blog :)
    i followed u ;) lets be friends hehe follow back hehe :3
    ~aiMee/aMz, <3

  4. hey interesting blog;) I love your posts :)
    nail model is beautiful, very colorful: D
    certainly I'll come back with pleasure on your blog :)
    if you wanna watch each other:D

    1. :3 thanks sweety i will follow back your blog :3

  5. sorry...if you wanna follow each other:)

  6. Aaaah the nail art u did here is really nice! Super love the colours ^o^