Thursday, May 3, 2012

Daiso footless tight

yes 1st time ever try on this type of footless tight
not a big fans on it but just wanna give it a try :3
so brought this at Daiso for RM5

pic of the day

P/s yes can you just tell me that you have a new girlfriend?
how many night i have to suddenly due with the feeling of heartache & tear like a kid 
give me a reason that no reason for me to heartaches yet a reason to move on and let go
feel like escape it from this...really

So what do you think of this footless tight?
and yes what is meter earning?
can anyone tell me or explain to me = = 
saw lot of post of it and super happy with that 
i have one too *i think 1 or 2 month before*
but it doesnt earn much though 
no idea y people so happy about that .......
maybe am the one who dono *dafuq* 


  1. When I was around your age, I used to have huge collection of the tights, in fact so many patterns and colors too. I used to wear them during clubbing and I still have a few in my cupboard, just that don't feel comfortable using now.

    Looks very fabulous on you and will also be great with shorts.

  2. Oh thank you <3<3 I try to improve myself in make up, and i'm very happy that it shows.

    I love your outfit and your face on this pictures :o