Tuesday, May 8, 2012

ZA eye brown pencil review

dono what to update = = 
so decide to update some make up review 
here go ZA eye brown pencil review
actually i didnt use eye brown pencil before 
usually what i use for eye brown is only eye brown powder 
easy for me la :p
but since that every tutorial that i read they put lot of effort on it 
so decide to give it a try

brought at?
Watson IOI puchong

RM10 - RM20
*in between >.< for got about the price so sry*

04 honey brown

What i like?
- waterproof
- colour kinda natural for me :3

What i dislike?
- no idea y they didnt cover up for the pencil part but cover for brush part
- is kinda hard to draw

6/10 1st time trying eye brown pencil is kinda hard for me to hander it = = coz i cnt draw stuff equate and straight... if you are my classmate you will know it T.T so trying hard for me to make it perfect. Dono izzit ever single eye brown pencil are same, is kinda hard to draw with this eye brown pencil no idea y. *Maybe my problem >.<* I used eye brown powder together with eye brown pencil so this is the out come that i have :3

so hope you enjoy it and have a nice day <3

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