Tuesday, May 15, 2012

hair tutorial - curl your hair without curl tong

Didnt have curl tong?
want to curl your hair?
so here is the tutorial for you :3

1. god i dono what this call in eng but in Chinese we call bian zi :)`

2. I tie it in to 4 
*depend on you if you wan it to be bigger you can tie lesser, smaller tie it more

4. the product that use before and after 
- Lucido-L designing aqua hair curl lotion
-Lucido-L designing air hair spray(airy arrange)

5. 1st spray it with Lucido-L designing aqua hair curl lotion

6. Next spray Lucido-L designing air hair spray(airy arrange) on your hair

7. After that use straightening machine to heat it
* it depend on you too, i heat it 5 to 6 time 

8. Spray it hair spray once more time 


P/s if you didnt have straightening machine tie it overnight it could make the same effect too :3

hope you all enjoy it 


  1. I bought the whole set of Vidal Sassoon hair curling accessories and its sitting in my drawer. Just don't know how to use them although I have tried before. Now that I have seen your sharing, I will try for this weekend because I like to have a change in hairstyle from time to time.

  2. the best is to let pose all night! I braid my hair every night, like taht, they don't make knots

    1. im not that hardworking person so always make it in the morning :p

  3. we called it as "braids" in eng. ;) i used to do the brad overnight. haha now hair short hard to do so liao, just got myself hair curler from SHINS outlet! :D