Sunday, September 5, 2010

sem break ♥

having my sem break nw
damn happy weeeeeeee~
i'm free
wanna go out call me anytime yeh baby (:
im broke nw
i think baby broke tat me coz he brought me a lot of thing (:
at here i wish to thank y baby so much~
thank to acc me eventhough u are tried,i own u too much~
but i will try my best to give u wat i have k baby :3

so yesterday when to 1 utama n ampire gallery
guess wat i brought?
i brought 2 shirt 2 shoe 1 bag n 1 hairband
i use almost 300 ++
haven include wat i ate ):
can said tat in 3 days i used 400++

broke nw
but anywhere i enjoy it
yeah realli enjoy it
n finally
tang tang tang tang
i found chacott yeaaaaaaa (:
n i brought 2 colour ~
if u wan it u can go this website n buy it
this own is gud enuf

oppssss ter balik ady timmm~
ok tat all for 2day
god u
n i baby J

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