Saturday, September 11, 2010


jz come bak from dono where
n brought a
tau fu fa tong yun
quite long didnt eat this dessert
yum yum (:

helped my sis apply fake lashes yesterday
quite sucess geh
but izzit look nice to her?

ok la didnt have any make up
n i jz helped her apply fake lashes
so will not be flawless

ok tang tang tang tang
my new shoe
brought yesterday
n guess who brought for me?
my lovely papa
hehe (:
he brought me new bra
*armmm no pic la
n i brought fake lashes
forgot n lazy to take pic
hehe im lazy (:

blue Eepro spot shoe (:
RM 38++
afther discount
RM 139
be4 discount
brought alot new stuff
will upload pic soon (:
miss bb
n dd love bb

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