Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1st of sept

2day is the 1st day in this month,
wat should i post
answer is i dono = =
kinda tried those week
almost every days slept at 2am
n pimple is getting serious those day
i think i should really give myself sometime to relax
i realli getting stress day by day
mayb too lot of things suffering me...
n make me feel uncomfortable
wat i wan wat i think
i dono
i almost 3 month didnt shop
n started to face alot of things nw...
ya im not a kid anymore
im going to be 18 soon...
so wat should i do?
lily is rite why u should think of ur pass wat u need to do jz need to move on
n tat is wat we need to do....
ya i shall move on~

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