Monday, September 20, 2010

happy birthday to me

half more hour
im 18th years old
im getting older n older
happy birthday to me (:
kinda sad no frien celebrete with me
exp bb ):
but is okie la used to it
ok happy birthday
i wish tat all my wish come true
1.i wan a car
2. i wish to study at KL
3. stay with b ever after
mayb tat is all i wan or somemore else emmmmmmm.....
life is hatic n full of suprise
i jz wish to stay beside someone tat i love
like family n bb
tat is all i have~
life is short i dono wat will happen to my dad n mum
in every moment
i jz wish tat in every moment n second i can be with them
tat is all i hope
i noe is hard for me to get a change 2 study in college
mayb i will regret it
but i dont wan regret it after them leave
love u all so much~
tq for gtive a life for me
no u no me
no me no bb (:

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