Wednesday, September 15, 2010

chicken trying new formula to change his skin XP

Chicken: Afther puting one day i will become more darker~
so grill me for 20-30 min depand on the size of me ~
tat is all bout me~
Caro: Afterall i dono wat will happen
u have to try yourself ya (:
n i'm not sure izzit nice or not coz i didnt try this be4 n
u shud use paparika not black pepper
thank to my mum who finished my paparika in dono how many week
so i have to use black pepper~
wish u enjoy ur days~


  1. err.. okie. wonder if its nice. lol! just dat i seldom go into kitchen n dnt cook.

  2. haha coz i study foodservice so intro something kitchen (: however tq 4 ur comment (:

  3. IC... food service as in hospitality line or what?? ;) no prob, actually u shud go visit other bloggers' blog n comment, and dey will come n visit n comment on urs too! ;D hehe