Wednesday, September 29, 2010


dono y feel moody 2day
nth to do at kampar exp watching movie with com
dono when n why i started to relay on my com
maybe my life is bored :)
anywhere result came out i get all B
saw some of my classmates happy with their result
sme even get gpa 3++
congraturation to u all
n to the ppl who fail or have to resit thier paper
dont be sad u try all ur best n me too :)
it really hard for me to get all B
but i get it
maybe im not statify on my result Xp
should i be happy or sad?
happy for i get all B?
happy tat i still cn get my loan?
sad for i dono wat to do next?
sad for i didnt get 3++ gpa?
sometime i jz feel like nobody
nobody noe wat i feel = =
mayb im not a talkative person
n hard to express wat i feeling
haha alot of maybe....
started to miss everyone in KL
all my frien
regret y i make this dicision
regret i cnt spend more time to my family
regret i cnt acc bb when bb need me
life is full of regret when u started to make dicision
izzit true ?
ya maybe~

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