Friday, September 17, 2010

resident evil afterlife

damn chun la this movie but i kena scare alot of time = =
* sry lo dont like horror movie*
luckly didnt brought 3d ticket if not i cry ady~
n have alot of funny time with bb~
love u bb n some things happened~
dont be sad ya hahahahahaha (:
im not a gud gurl frienz haha
ok ok rate for this movie is
ok i brought nw stuff again
= =
new lens which cost me 50 bux
concealer n lips gloss which cost me
rm 8 haha yeah 8
2days have 2 go 4 cousin wedding sun too
but happy la can see all m cousin in the sametime
i like party so so so much
ya tat is all 4 2days~

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